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November 4–6, 2021


Join artists, pastors, curators, and cultural leaders as we explore the divine spark in each of us.


Beauty, Truth, and Goodness

Contemplating the Transcendent Divine

Beauty is compelling. It binds itself to the Truth and the Good in such a way that, as Dante said, “Beauty awakens the soul to act.” It moves us from the rooted realities of canvas, clay, notes, or language into the transcendental nature of God Himself, our Beautiful, True, and Good Creator. Join CIVA, Christians in the Visual Arts as artists, pastors, curators, and cultural leaders explore the divine spark of the image of God in each of us that initiates and propels our journey to perceiving anew an intuitive, expressive, and fulfilling reality. 

CIVA 2019 Conference Highlights Video
CIVA 2019 Conference Highlights


Join us at CIVA’s 2021 Conference, November 4–6, 2021 in vibrant downtown Austin, Texas.
We have a special discount for early registration and students. Click below for pricing and details.


Christians in the Visual Arts
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Crowded art exhibition with focused on man looking at art on wall.